Russian rubleIncreased exchange rate of the Russian ruble in early trading yesterday against the dollar and the euro supported a ruble to buy in the market in the tax collection season of the Russian federal budget in addition to the province of high oil prices in the global markets, which also supports the Russian currency. The Web site, “Russia Today” that the dollar fell against the ruble by 5 Copakat to 88.31 rubles to the dollar while the euro fell by 4 Copakat to 62.43 rubles per euro.

On the other hand opened the Unified Russian stock transactions beginning of the week without recording any significant change.

Did not score RTS Index unchanged to remain at the level of last Friday’s close at 64.1516 points, while the index advanced Mae Six of banking transactions increased by 19.0 percent to reach the level of 21.1536 points.

The Russian stock began yesterday for the first time to deal with precious metals and as a first step began dealing with gold and silver, and intends in the first half of next year, start dealing with platinum and palladium in case there was a turnout stock of precious metals by investors in the Russian market.

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